​We are here to help you reach your desired audience through tailored and economical methods of direct and indirect notice programming.

In the legal industry, failure to deliver adequate notice in accordance with legal requirements can cause undesired consequences. RicePoint’s team of industry professionals work with counsel to design multi-channel media plans that reach class members using easy-to-understand materials, combined with cutting-edge digital tactics that meet quantifiable measures of capability (audience reach, frequency and penetration).

We offer many types of notice to meet project needs and budgets, working with direct mail, electronic mail and multi-media-based notice programming to ensure your needs are met in a cost effective manner.  Our in-house graphic design specialists, editors, advertisers and public relations professionals make sure your notice is articulated properly to the class members you are attempting to reach.  ​

Our legal notification services include:

  • Pre-Settlement Sessions

    Pre-Settlement Sessions

    We can help you avoid unforeseen costs and interruptions with pre-settlement discussions to help assess your needs.

  • Graphic Design Services

    Graphic Design Services

    We provide graphically designed advertisements for website advertising, direct mail efforts and print publications.

  • Class Member Search

    Class Member Search

    We’re able to help recognize and find possible class members with our dependable research methods.

  • Notice Program Strategy and Execution

    Notice Program Strategy and Execution

    Our wide-ranging marketing and communications campaigns use a balance of traditional and progressive forms of media.

  • Case Sizing & Class Member Profiling

    Case Sizing & Class Member Profiling

    Notification is designed according to the unique characteristics and needs of each case.

  • Reporting


    Custom reporting is tailored to meet the unique requirements of each class action.

  • Claim Form Design

    Claim Form Design

    Modern design that class members can understand and complete with ease.

  • Expert Consulting

    Expert Consulting

    All parties can be confident that our notification programs meet the highest standards.