​Prior to finalizing a settlement, RicePoint consults with Counsel to develop a comprehensive project plan that outlines a predictable and efficient settlement administration.

Our class action settlement administration experts can help determine potential claim rates and settlement structures, as well as the most cost-effective methods of notice and distribution. Consult with us before the settlement agreement is finalized to avoid unexpected costs and interruptions.

A consultation addresses all case elements including, but not limited to:

  • Reviewing and recommending changes, if necessary, to the entitlement calculation to help minimize deficiencies, reduce the case cycle time and ultimately improve the overall cost of an administration
  • Setting notice and claim timelines
  • Establishing data gathering and management processes
  • Designing a multi-media strategy and noticing plan 
  • Developing a content-rich, case-specific website
  • Intake and handling of class member claims and associated documents