With direct experience administering more than 60 settlements, and professional experience spanning more than 170 administrations, RicePoint, a Computershare company, knows first-hand the intricacies of class action settlement administration in Canada.

Our domestic infrastructure includes a bilingual call center in Montreal with over 75 seats. Through our parent company, we have claim processing sites that can open and scan 200,000 claims in a single day and document production capabilities that print and mail millions of documents annually. Our team distributes more than 60 million payments annually totaling more than a half trillion dollars.

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RicePoint Advantages

  • Experience


    We have been appointed as the administration experts for some of the largest and most complex cross-border securities, price-fixing, consumer, government, institutional duty of care and medical cases in the past 20 years.

  • Efficiency


    Our systems are designed to make the claims process, notice dissemination, distribution and reporting process efficient and secure for you and your clients.

  • Attention


    Our team provides you with a hands-on approach to your cases starting at the inception of each new administration, with purposeful involvement right through to your last claim distribution.

  • Innovation


    Through our experience and culture of continuous improvement we foster innovation for you and your clients by setting aggressive standards for our systems, which build the foundation of our administration and notice teams.

  • Security


    Our focus on data integrity and adherence to Canada’s privacy and data protection laws ensures that your claimant information is secure.

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